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Bingo has long been known as a game for old women who play the game in church basements. However, over the past few years bingo has received a surge of popularity. Wherever you go, you can see evidence of this new craze. You can play at any one of these bingo parlous, or halls, or at home in the online casinos. So popular has bingo become, that many celebrities have begun to play the game as well. But what is the mystique of this game that people like to play it and see for themselves what all the excitement is about? The question is not easy to answer.

Firstly, people like to play bingo because it is a very social game, one in which people like to get together, chat with friends and talk. It is a gambling online game in which there is very little etiquette, and it is a great way to meet friends. In the different bingo halls across the county, everywhere firm friendships, acquaintances and romantic love affairs have been forged. In addition, for those singles that want to meet people but would rather not go through the meat market, there is so much potential in the bingo hall, where you can play a game, and talk with people in an easy and non threatening atmosphere.

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