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OAP Bingo Games Raided by Authorities

Police Authorities threathened the pensioners inside the Stoke on Trent Community Center with arrest after a row broke out among the bingo players inside the bingo hall. Cops were reportedly called to Stoke on Trent Community Center after a fierce argument started between a bingo player and the person that organize the weekly bingo event.

A pensioner that is playing that day and who have witnessed the incident, Mary Robinson, who was among with 35 person group of senior citizens over the age of 70 years old. She has told the local radio station that the authorities had arrived when she and her group refused to stop playing their bingo game.

She added that there was an altercation between the person that is running the bingo operations and another player. There was this problem that is between the two of them. It got blown out of proportion and the next thing that they know, someone came inside the hall and told them that they were not allowing them to continue playing bingo anymore.

She said that they ignored the threat and continued playing as they believe that it does not have to concern the rest of them. However, when they are already in the middle of their third game, the police arrived. The authorities told them that they and the operator would be arrested if they continue to disobey the order to stop playing bingo. It was rathera annoying because the incident just involves two persons but they have included all of us in it.

It was also rather hilarious because the whole senior group has no available means of transportation until 9:00 p.m. in the evening after they have finished playing the bingo game so authorities have no choice but to relent and let them finish their bingo game.

Police from Staffordshire said that they would not comment about the incident for the time being.