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Calgary Bishop Orders Catholic Schools to Halt Bingo Fundraisers

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry of Canada just recently publicly voiced his opposition and disappointment with Calgary Catholic Schools that use bingo and other gambling related games as tools to raise money intended for use for the different programs that are offered by the school.

Bishop Fred Henry has reportedly said that he would use all means and his power to not allow these "immoral" fundraising activities from being held by the schools even if it means that parents will be forced to pull out their children from Catholic-run schools.

Bishop Fred Henry defended his position in the matter saying that it is morally offensive that Catholic institutions, such as the schools, will get entangled in an industry that exploits the people who are financially vulnerable and weak.

Bishop Henry sent the schools a letter several days ago, stating that he would "blacklist" any of the schools that would continue doing such activities like bingo and other gambling related stuff.

Calgary Catholic School District Officials responded that the cease order from Bishop Fred Henry will not have any effect on the prevention of the gambling problem in their community and the rehabilitation of gambling addicts.

A "no gambling policy," schools officials reiterated, will affect students who comes from low earning families and those students who are attending schools in poor neighborhoods.