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Chat Room Games: Bingo with a Twist

For players who really enjoy online bingo games, the best site to go to is This online bingo game site offers many variations of bingo games, jackpots and promos. One of the features at is the chat room games. A player who wants to participate in any of the chat room games should have an email and he should follow the game situations of the chat room in order to have a chance of winning.

One of the popular chat room games that are quite recommendable and truly enjoyable is BLACKJACK, where a player chooses two numbers that sum up to 21. He should email these two numbers to the chat leader with the subject title BLACKJACK to specify the game. If the two numbers come up at the chat room, the player should call blackjack and his two numbers. Example, a player chose 10 and 11 and these numbers come up, he shall call out through the chat as BLACKJACK-10-and-11.

Another game is Lucky Number. In this game, a bingo chat player shall choose a number from 2 to 74. He then emails the number to the chat leader with the subject title LUCKY NUMBER in order to specify the game that he is participating in. In this game, two numbers will be called from the board; the numbers before and after a specific number. The number in between which wasn't called is the lucky number, and if it happens to be a player's chosen number, he wins. A player must call his lucky number in the chat in order to identify himself as the winner. For instance a player chose 10, he should watch out for the numbers 9 and 11 to be called. If so, he should call LUCKY-10 through the chat.

The bingo chat game Heaven Sevens is also a good option at A player needs to choose any two numbers with a seven like 27 and 47. He has to email his two numbers to the chat leader with a subject title of HEAVENS SEVENS. If the two numbers come up on the board, the player should call his two numbers as SEVENS-27-and-47 in the chat room in order to win.

There are some guidelines when you want to play these bingo chat games. First is to know the schedules of these games at These games have specific game times each day. A player also has to have a cyber nickname to use when sending his/her email at a specific bingo chat game. One should remember that one or many players may have the same number options as you in a particular bingo chat game, so take note that whoever call in the numbers first will be considered winner. Bingo chat games also include bonus prizes and credits. And lastly, a player is eligible to win a prize if he has bought a minimum of four cards from the bingo game site that offers the bingo chat games.