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Personalized Bingo and So Much More

Thanks to Bingo V3, organizing a bingo event is as easy as playing bingo itself. Bingo V3 is the bingo software that enables gambling fans to print customized bingo cards, draw numbers in the actual bingo event, and even call numbers for them.

At some gambling events, you may notice that the bingo cards have the organizer's name, or company logo printed on them. This is a great way of advertising or marketing your association since the bingo players will be staring at their bingo cards a lot during the event. They will remember the advertisement printed on their bingo cards even after they get home.

This is an advantage when you use the Bingo V3. It helps you print bingo cards with randomly generated numbers, with customizable designs and even with customizable texts. It makes the bingo event even more personalized, which is great because bingo is always considered a socially-motivating game.

The software can also draw numbers during the game so you won't need to buy bingo balls, blower and cage. This is really convenient for organizers of bingo events who want to save up on a few things. Plus, they can be reassured that the numbers are really random, so it's fair to everyone.

The drawing of the numbers comes in various speeds, and the bingo players may choose to make the drawing fast or slow, depending on their preference. Of course, if you have older players, you might want a slower pace in drawing the number as opposed to when you have a younger bingo crowd.

Aside from the very important bingo cards and the numbers, bingo players may also use the caller feature of the BingoV3. This software may be used in calling the drawn numbers. And there are many voices to choose from. In fact, anybody can record their own voice to be used by the automated caller. During the game, if you choose to replace the automated caller with a human caller, you can do so by turning off the voice.

Another wonderful feature of this software would be its instantly saving the settings of the user. That way, the bingo player would not need to enter the same specifications over again the next time he or she wants to use it. This saves a lot of time for anyone who has a hectic schedule.

So, if you want something that would give you a lot of wonderful choices, then Bingo V3 is the right bingo software for you.